Join us to discover the most beautiful jewels of Morocco, we organize trips and excursions to the desert from Marrakech

Morocco is a country of deep and rich contrasts in many ways. From high mountains, fertile valleys, forests, canyons, different types of deserts to oases, landmarks and historic heritage...everything you can imagine. The people and their own was of life also show this diversity. Different populations sharing the land in Morocco like Arab people and Berber nomads. They all have their special character, housing, food and music, but everyone is willing to give you the best.

Just come and enjoy their hospitality and warmth. Our service always willing and ready to design the best itinerary according to your requirements and preferences. You can enjoy everything mentioned above without doubt.

Welcome to the country of Morocco magical land of hospitality, land of the Berbers peace and generosity, where a smile

greets every traveler.


Dreaming about a trip on the peaks and the Berber villages of the High Atlas Mountain, or a camel trek in the rolling time dunes of the Sahara, or a visit to the ancient cities and colorful markets  We are to give in Atlantic memorable trip and make your dream come true trip.

This is a simple trekking trip with walks around five hours a day or 1 night in desert and back in morning.

For this trip we have group outings on specific dates but we have been doing throughout the year for groups of at least 2 peopleAll luggage is transported by camel or mules while we walk with a backpack where only things we needed for a day's march. We will have mineral water during the tour.

Also our tours are On-two to five days, we offer exceptional stays and tours in the region of Merzouga in nomad camps and private camp, you will discover the mountains, the desert plains and sand dunes and oases of southern Morocco in a comfortable and original




& ---------PACKAGE: 1 Night Camel trekking.


This excursion is starting at 15:30h or 16h pm from our
 place with camels
 to the dunes in 1:30minutes, you arrive to our bivouac
 (dinner, tea, sleeping in bivouac) in the morning back to
the hostel for breakfast and shower.
in the dunes you can enjoy seeing the sunrise and sunset
 near of the bivouac
Price camel each person in Euro and half pension.(depends on the season.)
(Berber bivouac well equipped to sleep)
+ dinner
+ bottle water each
+ breakfast + shower in hostel
+room for bagage
camel each person go and bak +guide


The trips can be performed in groups or individually with family or friends. Whether in the heart of the Sahara or in hamada Black desert, you will be able to live the life of a nomad, a true tent designed for the desert.Our trekking activity develops in the highest dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga. It starts directly at our place 


Contact us, give us your idea or project trip and we will send you a detailed budget. Tell to us the departure city in case of travel or displacement,description of activity, dates and approximate number of participants. We are interested in meeting your needs and desires to make your holiday with us an unforgettable moment.



Email: tours-viagens-marrocos@hotmail.fr Telephone: +212 676 46 13 77 Hassi Labied - Merzouga Morocco